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Friday, January 4, 2013

"Superhero" Scrapbook Layout

I love this kit! "Superhero"... perfect for my lil' 4 year old girl, Lissie -who is in-love with Superheros! And is one herself of-course! (Shes Spider-Girl and is going to marry Spider-Man some day! lol She brightens my days!)

I had so much fun putting this kit together, its got to be my favorite collection! I will re-post when I add her photos! -It's "Super" adorable! 


  1. So, So.......................Cute! This is perfect for Lissie! Your pages are adorable!!!

  2. wow! I love the way these turned out!! lol...I can just see Lissie running around in her little spider man outfit :) too cute!


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